Meet The Team

Jarvis (Founder & Director)

I was driving my kids home from school a couple of summers ago. BC was covered in smoke because of forest fires. My daughter looking out the window at the haze and remarked, “I guess it will be like this all the time when I grow up”. That moment was a motivator for me to reconsider what I was doing. My partner Timber and I began to think about a different future.

Timber (Founder & Director)

As a long-time business owner in logging and more recently in the transportation industry I have an obligation to be looking ahead. Jarvis and I talked a lot about the future of transportation and came to the conclusion that electric commercial vehicles would play a significant role in the future because they will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve the safety and reliability of semi-trucks, and help clean up the air we breathe.

Mark (Director)

Our kids will soon inherit a world my generation had a big hand in creating. EcoWest Driven aims to do its part to give our children and their children the opportunity to live a healthy life, make a decent living and enjoy the wonders our planet has to offer.

EcoWest will soon announce additional charging hubs across Vancouver Island which will allow us to support your specific transportation requirements in many Vancouver Island locations. We have a flexible business model which allows us to adapt to your needs and provide the services you require.

Join the Movement

Each of us can play a part in looking after the earth. It seems daunting but it begins by starting. Did you know that we already have the technologies we need to clean up the earth and return it to a more natural and sustainable state? In the coming months, we will give you some ideas on how to help your community.

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